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Storm Season in Puerto Vallarta

Storm Season in Puerto Vallarta

By Casa Tabachin. Categorized under Vallarta, What to do

A summertime vacation in Puerto Vallarta is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Although summer season in Puerto Vallarta may not be the most popular time to book a visit to a tropical paradise, it is still a more than perfect time to come. While yes, the summer season in Puerto Vallarta tends to come with rain, a tropical summer vacation in Puerto Vallarta will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Contrary to popular belief, “rainy season” in Puerto Vallarta doesn’t mean it’s raining all day, every day. Most often during the summer there are both sunny periods and rainy periods on any given day.

However, during the months of August through October, you get the opportunities to witness some of the most spectacular lightning and thunder storms you’ve ever seen. Casa Tabachin’s view of Banderas Bay makes it the perfect spot to cozy up with your loved ones and prepare yourselves for the light show of a lifetime over the water. Extraordinary thunder echoes off the Sierra Madre Mountains, creating a perfect accompanying soundtrack to the lightning storms. If you’re a storm lover, then storm season in Puerto Vallarta is a perfect time to come spend some time at Casa Tabachin.

Plus, at Casa Tabachin there are plenty of things to do while you wait out the rain. Request a special meal from your private chef, find a perfect spot to settle in with that book you’ve been dying to read, or allow our spectacular concierge service book transportation and outings to different spots around the city.

Although there are plenty of Puerto Vallarta all-inclusive vacations available in the Hotel Zone, there are very few Puerto Vallarta villas that offer the kind of experience offered at Casa Tabachin.

Prepare yourself for the sensory experience of a lifetime during your stay at one of the most exclusive luxury villa vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta. Casa Tabachin is everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more when it comes to the perfect Puerto Vallarta vacation.

Staying in a Private Villa is The Safest Way to Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

At Casa Tabachin, we recognize the utmost importance of discipline and proper safety measures to ensure the comfort and safety of our guests.

A Walk in Nature: Great Hikes in Puerto Vallarta

Hidden in between the beautiful mountains and beaches are stunning Puerto Vallarta hiking trails perfect for those looking for an eco-adventure.

Iconic Luxury in Puerto Vallarta at Casa Tabachin

Iconic Luxury in Puerto Vallarta

Casa Tabachin is perfectly located on a hillside that gifts amazing views of the sparkling Pacific Ocean, the Sierra Madre mountains, and the tropical paradise that is the city of Puerto Vallarta. Built in the historic zone, the home is a longtime favorite of Hollywood Jet Sets. Nestled in a neighborhood with gourmet five-star restaurants and the sweet sound of Mexican mariachi music, you’ll never tire of enjoying astounding sunsets and starlit nights in your exclusive piece of paradise. Revel in colonial architecture, traditional cobblestone streets and floral beauty on every corner.

Download Casa Tabachin’s Guest Experience to discover our favorite local, Vallarta haunts and attractions for yourself.

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