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The History of Puerto Vallarta’s Gringo Gulch

The History of Puerto Vallarta’s Gringo Gulch

By Casa Tabachin. Categorized under About Casa Tabachin, Vallarta

There is little more charming than a love-affair that made history, stunning views, traditional Vallarta architecture, and cobblestone streets.

Did you know that Gringo Gulch, the neighborhood where Casa Tabachin is located, is one of the oldest and most classic neighborhoods in all of Puerto Vallarta? Located on the hillside on the East uphill from downtown Puerto Vallarta, this area of Puerto Vallarta is known for being the place where one of the most notorious love affairs of the 20th-century took place; between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. There is little more charming than a love-affair that made history, stunning views, traditional Vallarta architecture, and cobblestone streets when it comes to exploring neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta.

Following the “Night of the Iguana”, the 1950s were a time when expatriates and newcomers began to flock to Puerto Vallarta; specifically, to Gringo Gulch. One of the most important arrivals was that of Fernando “Freddy” Romero, who would later direct much of the development in the area. His architectural style later became known as the “Vallarta Style”, which includes the red roofs, white-washed adobe facades, stone walls, and iron decorations.

Casa Tabachin was built in 1957 by Freddy Romero, as was rented by John Huston after leaving Casa Kimberly. The 8-bedroom villa has since become a staple in the Gringo Gulch community. It’s unique position on the hillside with stunning ocean and mountain views, plus unique traditional layout spanning out over 4 floors, makes this home one of the most highly sought-out vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta.

Prepare yourself for the sensory experience of a lifetime during your stay at one of the most exclusive luxury villa vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta. Casa Tabachin is everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more when it comes to the perfect Puerto Vallarta vacation.

Staying in a Private Villa is The Safest Way to Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

At Casa Tabachin, we recognize the utmost importance of discipline and proper safety measures to ensure the comfort and safety of our guests.

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Hidden in between the beautiful mountains and beaches are stunning Puerto Vallarta hiking trails perfect for those looking for an eco-adventure.

Iconic Luxury in Puerto Vallarta at Casa Tabachin

Iconic Luxury in Puerto Vallarta

Casa Tabachin is perfectly located on a hillside that gifts amazing views of the sparkling Pacific Ocean, the Sierra Madre mountains, and the tropical paradise that is the city of Puerto Vallarta. Built in the historic zone, the home is a longtime favorite of Hollywood Jet Sets. Nestled in a neighborhood with gourmet five-star restaurants and the sweet sound of Mexican mariachi music, you’ll never tire of enjoying astounding sunsets and starlit nights in your exclusive piece of paradise. Revel in colonial architecture, traditional cobblestone streets and floral beauty on every corner.

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